Press Bites

Theresa Demarest & Good Company have been igniting musical intellect and winning hearts for a number of years. Below are some of the highlights of Theresa’s successful musical career.

2008, Portland, OR, Just Out, A&E Staff (full article)
“Portland singer/songwriter adds animal documentaries to list of accomplishments… Demarest is engrossed in the production of “Keiko’s Dream…Keiko’s Legacy,” a 15- to 20-minute educational DVD about his five years in the wild…. “There were a lot of bigger players vying to put out big documentaries about Keiko’s life,” says Demarest… This isn’t the first time Demarest, who is mainly recognized as a professional musician, has ventured into filmmaking. She spent the past couple of years producing and editing her first film, a 26-minute documentary called “Herd of Two: First Time Horse, First Time Owner.”

2004, Portland, OR, Just Out, A&E Staff
“…I dare you to listen to Portland singer songwriter Theresa Demarest’s eighth CD, Roll On Down, in a bad mood. The album features an eclectic menu: jazz-flavored songs with dashes of folk, a few pinches of pop and hints of genre-defying musical mysteries thrown in….Listen to Roll On Down and watch your spirit roll on down the pathway to a hope-filled, peaceful new state.”

2003, Seattle, WA, Chris Lunn Festivals Directory, A&E Staff
“Award Winning songwriter Demarest…mixes folk, R&B, Rock and touches of jazz with her distinctive clear vocals. The title tune “Roll On Down” soars, while “What Took You So Long” is a questioning quiet love song. You will get jazzed in the loping “I’m Flyin'” or the walking bluesy “Don’t You Worry, or the ballad “Reasons”. Wonderful mix of music styles presented in class style.”

August 2003, Portland, OR, The Oregonian, A&E Staff
“Rising on up…..Theresa Demarest’s lightly guitar picked songs lull you briefly, only to pull you back with high notes and her piquant voice. Her vocals embody the space between the comfort of a living space and outdoor openness – and her lyricism and delivery can make the personal feel universal.”

August 2002, Portland, OR Positively Entertainment, Mark P. Jones
“The message in her music is creating positive change in the environment through music. And, that means great music… Demarest is an award-winning, singer-songwriter who plays guitar, piano and sings. She performs with an incredibly talented band called Good Company. With the release of their latest recording this past September, this makes the third CD to their credit so far on Joshua Records, with more surely to come… Their music proved to be not only show-stopping, but perfection at its best…”

Summer 2001, Earth Island Journal, CA (full article)
“During her illness, Demarest had written an instrumental piece, but it lacked a voice. With her cancer in remission, Demarest realized that her composition not only had a voice, it had a title –“Keiko’s Dream.”

Drawing on the squealing guitar riffs of band member Tim Ellis, Demarest produced a remarkably realistic rendition of whale vocalizations. With Good Company’s drums tapping out the clicks of an orca call and Demarest’s piano keys creating and crashing, it sounds as if Keiko were right on stage.”

March 2001, Portland, OR, The Oregonian, Kathy Muldoon (full article)
KEIKO’S DREAM: An Orca’s Tribute- “Theresa Demarest came eye-to-eye with the famed whale and came away with a mission “Keiko, the orca formerly known as Willy in the 1993 Warner Bros. Film “Free Willy”, is not, of course, on stage at Jefferson High School this frigid February day. It just sounds as if he is when electric guitar riffs squeal in a remarkably realistic rendition of whale vocalizations. When the drums tap-tap-tap the clicks of an orca call. When piano notes whisper, crest and crash, like a killer whale breaching at sea.”

“Together, they form an instrumental jazz tune called ‘Keiko’s Dream.” Together, they illustrate Theresa Demarest’s awakening as a musician with a message — a singer-songwriter who yearns to be a voice for the oceans and, especially, a voice for Keiko.”

2001, Portland, OR City Search (full article)
“… Demarest’s sound has broadened and become pleasantly diverse and worldly. …The result: Demarest’s strongest effort yet. Demarest has always crafted a good song—her unique rhythm guitar work, country-style vocals and endearing lyrics blend together perfectly.”

September 2001, Portland, OR, The Portland Tribune (full article)
“Once a singing nun and now a cycle-riding cancer survivor, Theresa Demarest just wants to rock. Theresa Demarest has been a nun, wife, mother, half of a hippie musical duo, single parent, critical-care nurse, cancer survivor, motorcycle mama. But, most important, she’s a singer with a bluesy-folksy-jazzy voice that picks up the high and low notes of each of her experiences and reproduces them with perfect clarity – like a really great sound system.”

September 2001, Portland, OR, The Oregonian (full article)
“After it hit theaters, the effort to return the real-life “Willy” to the sea ignited. The story got oceans of international publicity. Adults and schoolchildren near and far donated money. And life began to imitate art… Often, he would hang in the water, just inches away from the glass, and gaze back. ”

March 2000, Portland, OR, The Oregonian

“Theresa Demarest has leapt a world of hurdles on her way to finding her life’s plan. The singer/songwriter’s music helped her escape the traumatic experiences of being the child of an alcoholic. She picked up her brother’s guitar and began to play, opening a door to personal sanctuary.”

Feb 1999, Portland, OR, Just Out Magazine (full article)
“Theresa Demarest wraps herself in the healing power of music and finds her place in the world with a song.

… Some visitors to Theresa Demarest’s Web site learn about Demarest’s accomplishments as a singer songwriter-musician. Some glean information about Keiko the killer whale, for whom Demarest seems to harbor a monumental affection. And some visitors may stumble across a gripping essay written by Demarest about her battle with breast cancer.”

December 1999, Portland, OR The Women’s Journal, Staff A&E Melanie St. John:
“On my list of great things to do on a recent Sunday night was listening to Theresa Demarest and Good Company latest album Keiko’s Dream. Written by Demarest and played beautifully by Tim Ellis, “Keiko’s Dream” is an eloquent piece that moves you to imagine you are really are listening to Keiko himself…… A little bit blues, a little bit jazz, a little bit folk, along with a little bit whale……Keiko’s Dream is an outstanding disc…”

December 1999, Portland, OR Positively Entertainment, Staff A&E Michael P. Jones: 
“…Theresa Demarest & Good Company performed at the Mount Hood Huckleberry Festival and Barlow Trail Days this past August on the Great Northwest Music stage. Their music proved to be not only show-stopping, but perfection at its best, as they put on a show that most of the audience will not forget…”

December 1999, Portland, OR Citysearch, Curtis Waterbury, Music Editor: 
“Recorded Live at The Portland Center for Performing Arts, “Keiko’s Dream” has the local singer-songwriter dipping her feet into a variety of musical pools to raise money for the Ocean Futures Society. The result: Demarest’s strongest effort yet…Demarest has always crafted a good song-her unique rhythm guitar work, country-style vocals and endearing lyrics blend together perfectly…Besides the great infusion of jazz, blues and folk, Keiko’s Dream also represents the next step in this local singer-songwriter’s evolving career. Good Company indeed.”

September 1999 Borders Books & Music (Beaverton Oregon)
“…Keiko’s Dream is a moving tribute to the effort to release Keiko back into the wild” September 1999 Just Out (Portland Oregon) “…Whale of a CD”

1999 HIPFISH Astoria Oregon (D. Urell, A&E Staff):
“…Theresa Demarest maintains a strong commitment to her seasoned style of expressing a song, while the versatile melting pot of musical talent around her builds and embellishes her songcraft. Her lyrics, often making a statement of compassion, are emotionally effective…These funky folk divas are sure to impress, if not arrest, even the sleepiest soul.”

1998, Citysearch Entry – I HAVE FOUND MY VOICE – Theresa Demarest (full article)
“But then, one morning, there it was. A tumor in my chest. Just sitting there. I could feel it – immovable, with irregular edges. Big. Ugly. Terrifying…I figured that if I’ve only got a year, then I’m going to get back to my music. I wanted something permanent to leave with my son. I wrote a song for him and called it ‘Being who You Are’. It became the title tune for the CD I released after that year. Seven months into my 14-month life expectancy, I realized that I wasn’t getting sicker; I was getting better. Singing made me happy and that changed my body chemistry and my priorities.”

July 31, 1998 The Oregonian 
The Oregon Coast Aquarium is losing it’s most famous resident, Keiko – the killer whale star of “Free Willy” whose rehabilitation made him a household name – and some Northwest musicians are prepared to give him a musical send-off. The Aquarium’s annual ‘Rhythms by the Bay’ concert is a good chance to say goodbye to Keiko and have some fun in the process.

Singer-songwriter Theresa Demarest and her Band, Good Company, is one of two acts set to perform at the outdoor concert, which is fitting since Demarest wrote a song for Keiko on her 1996 Album, “Moon Rising.” She also will perform the instrumental tune “From the Inside Out,” which she wrote after seeing all the health problems Keiko had to overcome in his move from Mexico to Newport. She related that to her own experiences in her successful fight against breast cancer. “Keiko is an inspiration to me,” Demarest says. “He’s come so far and done so well while at the aquarium. And now he’s prepared to return home to Iceland. He’s a wonderful whale and an amazing success story.” – Kyle O’Brien, Staff, A&E

Winner of the Portland Songwriters Association Annual Song Contest BLUES/JAZZ/R&B CATEGORY for song titled, “YOU GOT EVERYTHING BABE”. This song appears on her CD, “BEIN WHO YOU ARE”.

“Theresa Demarest & Good Company is proud to announce their appearance in the music festivities celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the TASTE OF BEAVERTON. This year Theresa & her band shared the festival stages with The Supremes, Linda Hornbuckle Band, Pink Martini, Tom Grant, Michael Allen Harrison & Curits Salgado, and more.”

“Theresa Demarest & Good Company say “GOOD-BYE to KEIKO” in Concert. Carrie Meidell at the Oregon Coast Aquarium has confirmed that Theresa Demarest & Good Company will perform a special concert to say “Good-bye to KEIKO” before he goes to Iceland. Requested in the set list is an instrumental piece that Theresa wrote for Keiko. The song appears on her CD KEIKO’S DREAM. Theresa has performed the song often at her LIVE concerts telling Keiko’s story and her personal interactions with him during visits to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.”

January 1997 THE OREGONIAN A&E 
“Theresa Demarest is making gentle waves around Portland with her pleasant mix of blues jazz folk country and funky undertones. Her new CD MOON RISING, is quickly catching on around town, thanks to her smooth voice and a hot band that features keyboardist Janice Scroggins and percussionist Chata Addy among others.” -A&E Staff, Kyle O’Brien

September 1997 THE OREGONIAN, A&E (full article)
“WOMEN SONGWRITERS IGNITE THE ALADDIN THEATER” sounds like a headline following a strange terrorist act. But rest assured, it’s a concert.

Perhaps rest isn’t the best response, though. Maybe the thing to do is go grab some tickets. The show includes some of Portland’s top women musicians. Although it’s only a concert, it still might burn its way into our memory.” -by Marty Hughley

January-February 1998 102FM KINK
102FM KINK Spotlight with Cindy Hansen and Les Sarnoff in January 1998 KINK featured an original blues ballad from Theresa’s Latest CD MOON RISING titled : “HAVEN’T GOT THE TIME” and in February invited Theresa Demarest & Good Company to perform LIVE on Les Sarnoff’s morning show.

Winner of the Portland Songwriter’s Association MASTERS AWARD honoring outstanding professional achievement for music, lyric, and production for her latest CD MOON RISING. RealAudio Version: “MOON RISING”

Jan/Feb 1998, 102FM KINK 
Spotlight with Cindy Hansen & Les Sarnoff in Jan. 1998 KINK featured an original blues ballad from Theresa’s Latest CD MOON RISING titled : “HAVEN’T GOT THE TIME” and in Feb. invited Theresa Demarest & Good Company to perform LIVE on Les Sarnoff’s morning show.RealAudio Version: “HAVEN’T GOT THE TIME”

September 17, 1997 WILLAMETTE WEEK PICK Portland OR 
“WOMEN SONGWRITERS IGNITE THE ALADDIN:” Another in the welcome trend of local songwriter showcases at the Aladdin. The main instigator and headliner is Theresa Demarest with her band, Good Company. The singer mixes genres pleasantly and with ease. The band usually offers a diverse and pleasing array of musicians, from the versatile guitarist Tim Ellis (whose not exactly chopped liver as a songwriter himself) and Janice Scroggins on the pop and blues side to jazz reedman Dennis Springer and African percussionist Chata Addy, Anne Weiss and Connie Cohen take turns offering folk and pop tunes, and Janice Scroggins gets a chance to showcase some of her original material as well. -Dan DePrez, A&E Staff Writer, Jazz and Blues

September 1997 THE WOMEN’S JOURNAL Portland OR (full article)
“OUTSTANDING MUSICIANS…(Theresa Demarest & Good Company) wowed us all at Portland BITE Festival in August….rich in diversity and pure talent……The kind of spirit Theresa and her band exude is what the world needs most: passiosn, love, and awe for our favorite pastime-life.” – by Francis Caldwell

December 1996, JUST OUT: Portland OR 
SINGIN’ OUT PROUD “If you didn’t think that Portland Oregon is on the cutting-edge in the women’s music scene, think again….(Theresa’s) ….deep connection with her craft definitely shines through her songs….astounding musicianship. -Rachel Ebora, A&E staff

“…..Theresa Demarest’s latest CD MOON RISING is a fine example of modern folk songcraft and a showcase for Demarest’s rich, evocative voice. -John Foyston, A&E Staff

November 8, 1996 THE OREGONIAN:
“Her sumptuous voice is tinged with a country yodel and supported by tender guitar chords and keyboards that range from airy to energetic. The mixture makes for an enjoyable sound that leaves the listener wanting for nothing.” Check out the corresponding article by Melanie McFarland, A&E Staff Writer.

…”A lot of care went into THERESA DEMAREST’S latest CD release MOON RISING. The Portland singer/songwriter gathered together some of the city’s top musicians to produce a lovely album and mesmerizing live performance.” -Boyd Martin, Entertainment Editor

Musician’s Network Music Magazine- Seattle, WA, Lorraine Foote, Staff Writer, October 1996
“Within the first few bars of the title and kick-off track, MOON RISING, you are aware of the depth and talent of singer/songwriter Theresa Demarest. Theresa’s voice is clear, with good range and a pleasing touch of country warble that moves with grace, emotion, and earnestness through the blues of Haven’t Got the Time to the slightly countrified folk of Cry to Me to the outright funky Set Your Own Wings to Flyin’.

As a songwriter, Theresa demonstrates her ability to spin a tale – behind which she masterfully creates a mood and a presence that can alternately send shivers down your spine or make you tap your feet. The arrangements are good – the production top notch. Each of the accompanying musicians are quite accomplished in their own right and are given a nice bio in the liner notes. Theresa is indeed in “good company”, which is as much a tribute to her talent as it is to theirs. MOON RISING is a standout, a fine collection of contemporary adult blues and folk music.”

September 1996 PORTLAND SONGWRITER’S ASSOCIATION (full article)
“Theresa Demarest’s new CD MOON RISING….reflects passion, commitment and exceptional stylistic range…..this is a beautifully realized album- emotionally resonant, and alert to revealing moments of quiet truths that define everyday life.” (Steve Cahill, PSA President)

” Theresa Demarest expresses her music in her songs reflecting innovation all around her. All of her music is a comfortable blend of folk music and jazz that lets you listen and enjoy her voice regardless of your feelings and preference in music style.” -Becky Harrison, KBOO Staff writer

May 22, 1996 WILLAMETTE WEEK PICK: for Portland Women’s Theater Concert Series Pre-CDRELEASE Show,
“…..Theresa Demarest… mixing strong blues vocals with positive messages with a flair for swinging lightly… the singer’s road tested material appears on her upcoming CD release, MOON RISING.” -Tim Casebeer & Dan DePrez, Staff Entertainment Writers

“Theresa Demarest on guitar and piano and blessed with some of the richest, eloquently funky pipes around, is joined by a hot crew of “jazz cats” …….Janice Scroggins on keyboards, Myrtle Brown providing background vocals, Chata Addy on African percussion, Tim Ellis on lead guitar, and Dennis Springer on sax.”

“….the abundantly-talented Portland-based Theresa Demarest will capture your heart and head with this fine new recording.” -PJ Grimes, A&E Editor

“The sub-titled ‘Funky Folk Blues Diva with Jazz Cats Facing Northeast’ describes well this songwriter’s move to get national attention…. (This is)…. a solid diverse collection of folk-pop and blues with straight ahead, accessible lyrics.” -Chris Lunn

“Song #5, LOVE IS A RIVER, on the MOON RISING CD has just been selected by the Portland Songwriter’s Association to appear on their 1996 compilation CD.” -Steve Cahill, PSA President

“Theresa Demarest showcases …her unique genre of Neo-Folk/Jazz fused with blues…. critically acclaimed singer-songwriter.”

June 1995 WORLD-HERALD, OMAHA NEBRASKA (full article)
“This singer/songwriter seems to have tamed a savage beast with the…….. power of music.”-Jim Minge, A&E

March 1995 THE OREGONIAN: 
“…Theresa Demarest’s pristine, elegant voice and positive songs have won her a loyal following.”

“Theresa has a finely crafted collection of songs and a distinct musical style….. her rich melodies and compelling vocal style, combined with excellent guitar arrangements, make her a unique and exciting performer.”

“Theresa’s music is good medicine.” -Nathan Dickey, A&E

1992, The Voice Magazine, Grand Junction, CO (full article)
LIFE SONG: “Demarest’s songs reflect the tragedies and triumphs of not only her own life, but of those in our society. She sings about self-discovery, recovery from cancer, family problems, alcohol dependence, the homeless. Reach For You, a song she wrote in 1990, tells of an imaginary conversation between a critical care nurse and his/her comatose patient. She dedicates it to the victims of drunk drivers and to the nurses who care for them.” – by Sheila Henderson