Roll On Down CD


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Roll On Down (Country/Rock)

What Took You So Long (Folk/Country/Pop)

Pardon Me (Jazz/Blues/Ballad)

I’m Flyin’ (Jazz/Pop

The Gardener & The Seed (Folk/Pop/Ballad)

Odd Things (Odd)

Reasons (Folk/Jazz/Ballad)

Don’t You Worry (Jazz)

Lose Your Mind (Country/Funk)

Those Ol’ Winter Blues (Blues)

Jonnie D & Me (Folk/Country/Pop)

Catch A Falling Star (Folk/Pop)

All Rights Reserved © 2003 Quilted Lyrics Music, BMI (P) 2003 Joshua Records

All songs written by Theresa Demarest, except Jonnie D & Me, Words by Theresa Demarest, Nola Wilken and John Demarest, Music by Theresa Demarest; What Took You So Long, Words and Music by Theresa Demarest and Patrick Roden; Catch a Falling Star, Written by Le Prockriss and Paul Vance, Emily Music Corp & Music Sales Corp, Arrangement by Theresa Demarest.