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Her CDs get rave reviews, she has a budding movie career, and her story is told in many ways. Did you know that Theresa was a singing nun, is a mother, has survived breast cancer twice, rides motorcycles, just made a movie about her horse, and created a documentary film about an orca named Keiko? Her amazing life story is weaved within the articles... send feedback to

Theresa Demarest- Singer, Song Writer, and Good Company

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Theresa and Mark Berman Editing Film KEIKO THE UNTOLD STORY


Award winning Director/ Producer of the film, Theresa Demarest originally became involved with Keiko when she wrote a song dedicated to Keiko. This resulted in a CD release titled 'Keiko's Dream'.

Since, Theresa's quest to recount the journey of Keiko has resulted ina feature- length documentary film titled 'Keiko The Untold Story ' in conjuction with the Free- Willy Keiko Foundation. Currently the film is on an exclusive film tour, only viewable to the public through film festival screenings worldwide.

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Theresa's First DVD - A Herd of Two

Joshua Records LLC first documentary film, titled A Herd of Two- First Time Horse, First Time Owner, is about Theresa's incredible healing journey with Tehya, her first horse. It includes instrumental versions of her music to convey the amazing ride she has taken with Tehya from 6 months to three years of age.

Theresa and Cancer

Theresa has overcome two battles with cancer. Her passion for life and determination became a testimant to how she took thes devestating events in her life and turned it into something amazing. Demarest's survival story will inspire you to live life to the fullest, and support you through a similar personal struggle with cancer.