Keiko The Untold Story

a documentary (74min.)

Nowhere in recent history has a captive mammal garnered go much attention as Keiko, the orca star of the 1993 hit film, “Free Willy.” The film’s success, partnered with growing public interest in animals held in captivity, launched a children’s crusade that called for Keiko’s release into the wild. The result: a multimillion dollar project that spanned four countries, weathered endless controversy and lasted nearly a decade. Through first-hand accounts by the marine mammal experts charged with his care, “Keiko The Untold Story” follows Keiko, his life, his legacy of hope, and the untold story of his extraordinary years in Iceland and Norway.

CAST of EXPERTS: Join the experts as they share their professional and personal experiences working with Keiko

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GoKeiko the Untold Story Soundtrack

The title song “Keiko” is an original instrumental piece dedicated to Keiko that evokes the whale’s song through the extra-ordinary lead guitar theme written by Theresa Demarest. Theresa wanted to capture the voice of Keiko. This is where Renato Caranto comes in to the story. “I asked Renato to capture the voice of Keiko, and he did, perfectly. It all just came together.” All songs are written by Theresa Demarest unless otherwise noted.

Join singer/ songwriter Theresa Demarest and five other musicians, some from her band "Good Company" as they take you on a musical journey throught the beauty and intensity through Keiko's story.

GoKEIKO'S DREAM TOUR- The Concert Experience of a Lifetime

The Keiko's Dream Tour is a concert, arts, and marine mammal science program that utilizes the collaborative talents of musicians, composers, visual artists, and professional scientists to create an extraordinary educational, visually inspiring, toe-tapping, audience involving event.

For the schools and the community, this is one media-rich, interactive learning experience designed to connect the audience to the music, the art, and the science of becoming a voice for the planet, a voice for the ocean, and a continuing voice for Keiko as it's representative.

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